Tracking a Status of the Order

After the transaction has been successfully included in the source blockchain, it is time to retrieve the identifier of an order that has been created within the given transaction.
There is a separate endpoint which returns the list of orderIds of the orders that were created by the given transaction: /v1.0/dln/tx/:hash/order-ids.
Let's say, a transaction 0x40ee524d5bb9c4ecd8e55d23c66c5465a3f137be7ae24df366c3fd06daf7de7e has been submitted to the BNB Chain. Calling the endpoint:
gives an array with only one orderId within it:
"orderIds": [
The reason this endpoint returns an array rather than a single orderId is because a top level transaction may perform several calls to DLN, thus leading to multiple order creation.
After the orderId has been revealed, it can be used to track the order's status. Use the /v1.0/dln/order/:id/status endpoint supplying the given orderId. Calling the endpoint:
gives a status for the given order:
"status": "ClaimedUnlock"
The order may have different statuses across its lifecycle, but the most important are Fulfilled, SentUnlock and ClaimedUnlock — all indicating that the order has been successfully fulfilled, and a recipient has received a precise amount of the output token.
The affiliate fee (if set) that has been accrued during order creation is transferred to the affiliateFeeRecipient when the ClaimedUnlock status is reached.
For detailed explanation of what different statuses mean, consider reading a separate article: Tracking Orders