Meet DLN

DLN (deSwap Liquidity Network) is a high-performance cross-chain trading infrastructure built on deBridge with a unique 0-TVL design. Instead of using liquidity pools, DLN executes all trades asynchronously through a self-organized liquidity network, providing developers and projects with the ability to leverage the fastest cross-chain experience on the market and transfer liquidity and information with faster time to finality than any legacy cross-chain solution.

By shifting the cross-chain paradigm from bridging to networking, DLN enables myriad unique features for applications and users:

  • Limit orders for any cross-chain trade

  • Zero slippage on any order size

  • Unlimited market depth

  • Guaranteed rates and low fees

  • Rapid settlement

  • Native token trading (no custodial risks of wrapped assets)

  • Zero locked liquidity at risk (0-TVL)

  • Rapidly scalable (can process any trading volume)

  • Gasless limit orders (users can commit orders without any upfront costs β€” tokens are deducted only if execution is guaranteed on the destination chain) (coming soon)

  • Order + call data allows adding instructions to be executed together alongside order fulfillment

The asynchronous design of DLN enables an unparalleled user experience, abstracting away all technical complexities such as slippage, MEV, gas limits, and transaction finality, for both end-users and professional market makers who monetize idle on-chain liquidity by fulfilling orders created through DLN.

Our Quick Start Guideis a good starting point that explains how to get started working with DLN using the API.

Resources: Website Twitter: Discord: DLN announcement:

Note: This documentation solely covers DLN and doesn’t explain the design of the underlying deBridge messaging infrastructure, that is described in the deBridge documentation portal here.

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